Congratulations on taking this important step toward your career!

Career Services has crafted the Fast Forward training sessions exclusively for our West-MEC community.

These virtual sessions offer a variety of topics designed to propel you forward on your path to economic independence.

Everything you wanted to know about West-MEC

Now that you’ve been accepted, what happens next? Join us for this engaging panel of current and former students. Ask questions and listen to tips for navigating West-MEC and beyond.

July 21st

10:00 AM


Creating a roadmap:

Pathways to Success

Now is the time to begin to chart a path to the future. Join us as we explore the various ways to reach your goal... Economic Independence.

July 21st



Banking Basics - Finance 101

Take one step closer to adulthood by gaining financial independence! This session will provide you with a basic understanding of checking and savings accounts, and teach you about smart money moves like saving and budgeting!

June 30th

10:00 AM

students talking together

Purchasing Power:

Choose your debts wisely

Credit, loans, and debt? Oh my! Spending a large amount of money on college, a car, or a home can be nerve racking. This session will teach you about credit scores, how to evaluate loans, and how to pay back money so you don’t fall too deep into debt.

June 30th

2:00 PM

Previous Courses Offered

Talk to your campus Career Services Coach to learn more about future offerings.

Image of student carrying books

What To Expect In My First Year of College

Leaving high school entering college can cause some anxiety especially when you don't know what to expect.

You have tons of questions; in state ...out of state???

On campus or living at home??? Do I need a job???

How much for this book??? I have roommates??!?

Where is the food???

Join Ryan Sanborn Resident Director, Grand Canyon University and his team in a round table/ Q&A Session as they discuss these topics and seek to answer... what to expect in your first year of college.

image of employee in dental office

What To Expect and What's Expected Entering The Job Market

My first real job since high school...

Yes...I'm starting my career? Full Time??? Benefits??? My schedule is what??? That's not my job title! My boss hates me!

Entering the job market can be a little uneasy, join a panel of recruiters, managers and career coaches as they help you navigate, relieve anxiety and answer the question...what to expect and what is expected entering the job market.

Parents and child reviewing information

Financial Preparation:

What Every Parent Needs To Know

Calling all parents and guardians--this one's for you! We know you want to set your child up for success, so we will cover smart financial practices that you can start implementing to give them their greatest chance of achieving financial independence. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two about your own financial habits as well!

Students and instructor working on LinkedIn profiles


This session will introduce and educate on the benefits and necessity of LinkedIn and other employment platforms for those entering the workforce in the near future.

West-MEC students prepared for employment

Employability Skills

“The Skills You Need Now To Succeed In The Future" This session is designed to give you some of the basic skills every employer & instructor looks for in an incoming employee/ student.

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